The Story behind the Be Now App

The story behind the Be Now App

Fueled by both passion and a clear mission, Be Now emerged in 2021 during the COVID era. Manolis Zografakis, a marketing consultant, meditation practitioner, and sound therapist, returned to Greece after spending more than a decade in London and Berlin, seeking solace on the serene island of Crete. There, he met Angeliki Rempelou, a yoga instructor, and meditation teacher whose soothing voice and captivating narratives inspired him to share her wisdom with the world. Together, fueled by a shared commitment to well-being, they crafted Be Now—an app that marries the art of meditation, visualization, and sound healing. Their journey began with a desire to offer solace to friends grappling with pandemic-induced stress, evolving into a mission to introduce mindfulness and wellness practices at scale in the domestic Greek market, as well as globally.

With meticulously crafted content and a personal touch, Be Now sets itself apart, empowering individuals to embrace mindfulness and compassion in their daily lives.

Angeliki Rempelou and Manolis Zografakis: Be Now